A surface is not simply the physical division between an object and its environment; it fulfills a range of functions of its own which often play a crucial part in product design. Surfaces are supposed to feel good to the touch and to look good for as long as possible, be easy to maintain and not be spoiled by dirt, water stains or fingermarks.
Our product is a transparent shield that is applied to any glass, giving it a permanent water repellent and self-cleaning surface. Glass may appear to have a smooth surface but it possesses a microscopically pitted surface prone to the attraction and imbedding of dirt, grime, dust, bacteria, calcium and other deposits. 

Untreated glass surfaces will invariably deteriorate over time as dirt and these other deposits get lodged into the surface. The glass becomes more and more dirty, impervious and harder to clean.
Our product is a hard, permanent protective coating that covers the pitted surface of glass, making it smooth and water repellent. Dirt and other deposits cannot cling to the glass surface and either wash away easily or can be easily cleaned with water and a cloth. It eliminates the need to use harsh chemical cleaners on the glass. This Eco-friendly property saves thousands of gallons of chemical waste polluting our
water and earth.
This coat is based on nano technology. Just simply spraying the nano coat on the glass surface based on our instruction then it will bring permanent feature of selfcleaning to it.