What is the Nano Paint Insulation?

Nano   paint is an advanced composite Nano-scale based material, which uses ceramic and polymeric materials that is capable of reflecting a wide Brange of heat waves. This insulating paint prevents heat transmission by 3 mechanisms: conduction, convection, radiation. Almost 95% reflection of sunlight, 98% emission of greenhouse heat and thermal conductivity of 0.03

W/mK made it a good insulation against heat. It is superior to conventional insulation due to acoustic insulation, water absorption lower than 6% and corrosion prevention.

What is the difference between Nano paint  and conventional insulations?

1. Nano paint stops loosing thermal energy through convection and conduction,

while conventional insulation methods can only reduce thermal conductivity, not

convection. So the results of Nano insulation are excellent.

2. Nano paint has high reflectivity, more than 97% of sun’s heat radiation

reflects back to space. So the heat cannot transmit through the roof. This is a unique

advantage that conventional methods of insulation do not care about it.

3. It has long life time, almost more than 20 years.

4. Anti-corrosion is another advantage that conventional insulation method make it worse!

5. It is not combustible as others are

6. Nano paint does not lose its efficiency in humidity.

7. The paint is user friendly and can be repaired easily.

8. Nano Paint keeps its flexibility under -35 to 200 °C. Thus protects the building

surface from climate contraction and expansion