Nano antibacterial Composites:

Our Antibacterial Tiles are resistant to bacteria, germs, dirt, and many other unhealthy elements. They are also mold resistant and do not permit penetration or growth of harmful contaminants.  Our glazed tiles belong to the latest generation of ceramic elements. Based on Nano technology, the glaze of tiles produce and then heat up in the furnace. Our products are treated during the processing steps with a mass addition of antibacterial mineral particles having the capacity to abate the four main bacterial strains by 99.9% as follows:

Staphylococcus aureus

Enterococcus faecalis

Escherichia coli

Pseudomonoas aeruginosa

Since this is not a surface treatment, but rather a mass application, the effectiveness of the antibacterial action remains unaltered in time and is not affected by wear and tear. It is also effective on polished and satin finished surfaces. The antibacterial action is also ensured in the absence of light and is amplified in the presence of humidity.

In  the  framework  of  the  project  we  developed  a  ceramic  tile  which  shows excellent antibacterial effect against the germs which are in direct contact with its surface.  The  developed  tiles  requires  no  special  maintenance,  but  kill  up  to 99.99% of the bacteria that come in contact with their moist surface. This result presents a good basis for industrial production of antibacterial tile.

Additionally to antibacterial tiles, we also developed antimicrobial cement that fills the gap between the tiles and this material is almost 100% effective.

This tile can be used to cover floor or wall surfaces of hospitals, laboratories, food,services, or everywhere, where a clean and germ free environment is required. The antibacterial tiles inhibit the growth of microbes, thus reducing microbial contamination and contribute to create a healthier environment in living and working spaces. Cement is perfect for all applications since it will inhibit bacterial and fungal growth without any chemical application.

Technical Requirements:

According to ISO 27447 requirements, the Antibacterial Tiles should be able to eliminate the following bacteria:

Escherichia coli

Staphylococcus aureus

Klebsiella pneumo niae

Our Antibacterial Tiles are laboratory tested and proved to have met the ISO Standard 27447requirements. The Antibacterial Tiles are effective and eliminate the above-mentioned bacteria at 99.99% even in complete darkness. They have permanent life and as long as the glaze of the tiles is not damaged, the Antibacterial properties of the tiles remain in force.